a guided practice to connect with your gold; your essence

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Unravel is a practice of undoing, finding the true gold (your essence) beneath habitual behaviors that has gotten you stuck.

We are born pure and down the line we are taught or made believe that being our true self is bad or not good enough. We go on to repress our strengths our essence which I refer to as our "gold". By disconnecting with our essence we break the thread that connects us to the source. This source I refer to is the divine source, the source of love and creativity, of flow.

For years I operated from a place of constant lack, financial stress, lack of confidence that led me to a rockbottom. I realized I was operating on a different wavelength I wanted to be on and that was created by my beliefs about myself, worth and money.

In this guided practice we'll excavate and go deep into what is keeping you stuck. We will literally dig for gold; your gold that is. What is truly keeping you from expressing your highest version of self. It is about owning your power back by connecting with that golden light from within.


We will start with breathing exercises (pranayama), moving it into our bodies, answer questions that will help you uncover blocks and help you connect back with your true essence; your gold. You will leave with self care practices to take home that will help cultivate the gold within you. Guiding you live more authentically to heart's truest desires.



  • Someone who is experiencing identity crisis

  • Someone who feels stuck

  • Someone who often finds themself anxious and fearful

  • Someone who feels like they are not living their highest potential

Note: This is not a substitute for professional help. 

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About Natalia

Natalia Pascual was born in Brazil in 1985 and moved to the US at the age of 12. As a seeker from a very young age, she embarked on a self discovery and development journey that has led her to many different transformative trainings and creative realms.

Natalia is a 400hr certified hatha yoga teacher with special focus in ayurveda and a personal development. She has partaken as a student for coaching programs such as Tony Robbins and most recently the Uncoil Method training with Taylor Eyewalker (nearly 4 years).

Through inner conflicts and challenges she learned the importance of remembering who we truly are, our essence, our gold to create life beyond our limiting beliefs, a life you enjoy living to your highest potential. While designing jewelry is her passion she felt called to share some tools, rituals and teachings she has learned along the way to help those who might need a little "undoing" to do.

UNRAVEL is a great way to step into your power and realize all the gifts you have within you to create a better quality of life for you.

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“A simple class for self discovery. Simple practices that bring great clarity"

C. Mara -  Miami, FL

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