A symbol of living in alignment with your essence 

The bands come in two widths 6mm and 10mm

Choose Metal

Bands are available in

18kt gold or Sterling Silver


STEP I : band width

The bands come in two widths 6mm and 10mm

STEP II : gemstone

Choose from a variety of natural gemstones straight from our inventory catalog. Custom gems are also available upon request.

STEP III : metal

Bands are available in 18kt gold or Sterling Silver


The ALIGN BAND symbolizes living in alignment with your essence.

Everything in life happens in our favor, therefore; the experiences we accumulate lead us to live in alignment with our essence. We become wiser, stronger and more ourselves. Think of it as an amulet that reminds you of your story.

Pick a gemstone that you resonate with and are mostly attracted to and we will design it just for you. A heirloom and amulet to cherish for years to come.

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