Adorne Se translates "to adorn yourself" in Portuguese, as we intend to create meaningful heirlooms to be carried and adorned by our clients. Our jewelry aspires to be an extension of you, personal and sentimental. Each piece is handcrafted and made-to-order making each design uniquely yours. We highly believe in conscious production and consumerism by only creating what we sell.

Brazilian by birth, jeweler and designer Natalia Pascual worked mostly in the fashion industry for over a decade where she grew an interest for creative arts, including design and visual story telling while working for top luxury brands.


Pascual started designing jewelry in 2009 and has studied under great jewelers whom she continues to learn from. She appreciates simplicity and elegance in everything with a touch of ancient wisdom.


You can definitely see and feel this type of reference in her designs.

Custom wedding bands in 18k yellow gold with black diamonds.

"My motto is create less, with quality, that carries meaning and lasts longer".


Natalia Pascual - Founder & Jeweler

Custom wedding band in 18k yellow gold.

Custom 6mm Align Band in 18k yellow gold featuring a watermelon tourmaline and personalized engraving.

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