|| adorn verb \ ə-ˈdȯrn \ 1: to enhance the appearance {& beauty within} especially with beautiful objects || 


Adorne Se is a fine jewelry line that is inspired by the journey of the human spirit. Combining organic textures, elegance and simplicity while holding a particular sentiment and energy all in 18 karat gold.


The words Adorne Se translates to "to adorn yourself" in Portuguese, and it's purpose is to make you feel adorned with these amulets, not in a way of covering up but enhancing the beauty that exists within. Our jewelry isn't meant to take over who you are but instead compliment your true nature, as second skin.

Designer Natalia Pascual has a background working in the fashion industry, where she grew a sensitivity for self expression and beauty through visual arts, clothes and accessories while understanding the importance of quality and concious design.


Natalia has found that working with fine materials has been about finding the gold from within, in addition to the yearning to create timeless pieces that last a lifetime and creates less waste in the world

She has lived in the US for over two decades after migrating from Brazil in 1997 and is now based in California

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